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16 October, 2016 | Teekkari Culture

undefinedMy place for the guilds freshman sitsit - Fuksisitsit

You sit at a nobly prepared, long table. In front of you, left of you, and right of you sits a galant lady. All of them are wearing gorgeous dresses, and you are dressed up in your best suit. The table is set with shiny silverware and crystal-clear glasses. All of that is placed on an indigo-blue tablecloth. There are multiple tables like this in the hall you are sitting. Some people wear a teekkari cap. One of the tables is a little bit higher than the others. It is placed in the center of the hall, where it can be seen by everybody. This is the songmasters table.

People are talking gently, you hear some Finnish and some English voices. Laughters sound through the hall. Everybody is eager to get to know their neighbours. The people are glad to be at such a special event.

undefinedBad smartphone picture of people standing up to the "Who's a freshman?" song. The song goes backwards through the years, and who's a freshman of that year has to stand up.

Then you hear the gong. People stop talking, everybody listens. One of the songmasters stands up. He takes the microphone, so that everybody can hear his voice. He walks around as he tells a story of his, introducing the next song to be sung. People listen carefully.

Then he says, slowly and emphasized: "And the song ... goes something like this." He takes a short brake. And strikes up the song. All the other people in the hall follow his tune. It is suffused by the voices of a hundred teekkari. The harmony of the song flows through peoples bodies and you feel capsized by the intensity of the song.

After all verses are sung, there comes the toasting ceremony. You toast to the right, to the left, and across. Then you sip on your drink and continue talking.

undefinedIntroduction to sitsit culture before the event

Okay, back to ground level now. The sitsit I described was the CS-guild freshmen sitsit. So no girls around me. Next, I don't have a suit here in Helsinki, so I just wore what I thought would fit. And well, I told you people were able to sing. People were not able to sing. They were even so much not able to sing, that they didn't get worse when they got drunk. I couldn't sing the songs as well, but I tried to make up for it by singing as loud and as intrusive I could. That was fun.

They had some cool specials at this sitsit. For example, there was a male choir quartett. They were able to sing. Like really able to sing. That was impressive.

Then there was a band. They played some finnish songs, and people started dancing. For the lack of girls, boys started to dance with boys. My tutor, sitting right next to me, then just asked around if someone wants to dance. He is really into dancing. I agreed under the condition that I can be the leader. I didn't want to belong to those people that just sit around and watch.

All in all this was a great and interesting night. Looking forward for more to come!

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