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Otatarhan ajot, lakinlaskijaiset ja suomenlinna

24 October, 2016 | Teekkari Culture

Otatarhan ajot

The otatarhan ajot is a race with self-build, human-propelled cars. People really put some effort into their cars, that was cool to see. When the race started, you could see groups of students in overalls, running and pushing their car. Not all cars made it to the finnish line in one piece.

I actually took my camera to that event, so here are some pictures.


For every race, there is - of course - the box stop. You can refuel, so that you don't have to carry all the fuel for the whole race. The teekkari had their own version of the box stop.


Which major is best? Of course, computer science! That's why we won.

undefinedOur guild won the race. Here's the winners ceremony.


This is one of the more important parties for the teekkari. It is on september the 31st, the last day in the year the teekkari are allowed to wear their cap. In winter, they have to ask for permission to wear it for special events. I arrived late to this party, because I was at the winners sauna party of the otatarhan ajot before. But I came right in time for the ceremony at midnight.

Again, pictures. You might have noticed by now that this is a lazy post.

undefinedA wild brass band appears. People engage pair dance.

undefinedTeekkari holding their caps before putting them down

undefinedNo caps anymore. The world looks so different now. Like a normal party.


Suomenlinna is a small fortress island near Helsinki. It contains some old military artifacts, like cannons and bunkers. We were there for a day trip. For some reason, the largest part of people just came there to play Pokémon Go. Really, everybody had their smartphone out. If you looked at some random display, chances were high it showed Pokémon Go. A Finnish newspaper wrote that they had to increase the ferry capacity this summer because of the game. This is really freaky.

Here are some pictures of us.

undefinedIt's cool to have a professional photographer with you. Picture by Hugues Verlin.

undefinedBreak at the fortress part

undefinedSome old cannons. Picture by Hugues Verlin.

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