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Humans vs Zombies

19 November, 2016 | Fun

You are hiding behind a stone. It's cold. You try to be as silent as possible. You know that they will come, you just don't know when. The trap is perfect. You are invisible. One guy is luring the humans into your direction, directly into the trap. The humans possess mighty stun weapons, but if you are fast enough, you can eat some before you get stunned. You hear a group running in the distance. They are coming closer. You get ready. They arrive. You hear some nerfguns firing, as other zombies jump out of their hiding place. A few humans come closer, down the path next to your stone. You hope that they won't detect you to early. You have complete control over your body now, you feel every part of it and are ready to jump out at every moment. The first human is visible now. He runs on the path, passing your stone. You jump out. He has a nerfgun. You try to grab him. He fires at you. Hit. You are stunned. Dammit! You should have gone for the second one. What a shame!

undefinedA human trapped inside a buffer zone.

That was one scene of the game "Humans versus Zombies" we played in Otaniemi a while ago. It is a really cool game, played outside, where the players take the role of either a human or a zombie. The goal of the zombies is to infect all humans, and the goal of the humans is to survive and to fulfill some missions.

When a zombie touches a human, the human becomes a zombie. Humans can stun zombies for ten minutes by throwing a sock at them or hitting them with a nerfgun.

I participated as an original zombie, that are the players that start as a zombie. So I had the fourth highest tag count in the end. I had good fun playing the game.

undefinedA personal anti-zombie defense weapon


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