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Tampere ja Turku ja Stockholm

19 November, 2016 | Trips


At the end of october, we went to Tampere in a small group. It has a really cool spy museum with stuff dating even as new as 2010. So I finally know now for what to look if I'm chased by suojelupoliisi. It was quite a nice day.

undefinedTampere team


The Turku trip was outstanding. We had so much fun in the museum in Turku Castle. We stayed there the whole day, saw many old rooms, old clothes and jewelry. There was even a place where we could have a sword fight in real knights armour and a kings cape. It was really impressive how much this museum had to offer.

One of the coolest things about the museum was that they only sold daily tickets, so we could get out for a lunchbreak. We did so in a great restaurant which had all you can eat burgers and drinks for fifteen euros or so. That was a really great find. There was no catch. Just burgers. We were really happy to enjoy them. Afterwards we went back to the museum, there was so much to see.

In the evening everybody was tired but happy, we went to a pub to wait for the bus and played cards.

undefinedAfter the fight, still fully dressed up


The trip to Stockholm was no normal trip. It was probably one of the best of all until now. We didn't just go to Stockholm. We went to Stockholm on a giant party ferry with over a thousand students. There was always some stuff to do. The ship even had a sauna.

On sunday, we entered the ferry and started out with a really nice evening buffet. Since everyone was drunk already, the buffet was like war. There was so much good food, I didn't even know where to start. In the end I went for a full round of meat, a round of salad and fish, and a full round of desert. Best food at least since Turku!

Afterwards, we just danced somewhere on the ship. There was a karaoke party, a concert and an EDM party.

undefinedIce skating in Stockholm

On monday we arrived in Stockholm. We just had six hours or so there. So after a short chat with some locals, we went to a park and found an ice skating place. We skated there for an hour, it was really fun.

Afterwards we went to the best burger restaurant in Stockholm. It was far to walk, and... it was closed. Opening just when we had to leave. So we went to a different burger place instead. Probably one of the only independent fast food restaurants in Stockholm. The guy was very nice and told us about his live and his business.

Then we had to get back, and went for another round of partying. And sauna this time, too. After sauna we found a really good food option on the boat. A full-meal wrap for just 4.50€. Right next to a burger which was smaller, but was 18 euros. We were really happy to find this.

undefinedESN singer in the main event place

In the evening, there was karaoke again. Then a cool show in main place. Then a DJ. And then the bed.

Next morning we arrived in Helsinki and went home. The trip was really great, perfect to take a break from studying for two days. It is quite funny though, the trip lasted about 48 hours, but we only were in Stockholm for six. But it was really worth it.

undefinedEarly in the morning


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