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Second round!

16 January, 2017 | Fun

Christmas is over, and I'm back in Finland. Everything is back to basics now. Most of the old people left, and a whole bunch of new people arrived. Surprisingly, I met some of the old people just now.

The last two weeks were made out of parties. I partied on the third, fifth, sixth, seventh, tenth, eleventh, twelvth and the fourteenth of January. And when I didn't party I did some other stuff with the people I met. Only one of the parties were a classical one with dancing in a club, but I really enjoyed doing that again after more than a month. Then there was a really nice classical finnish dance party again. And some sauna parties, or just talk-to-people events.

undefinedBouldering in Pesä

I went bouldering again and bought a gym membership. I never thought I would ever do that. But the cold in Helsinki and the fact that the gym is just five minutes by foot from my place were really good arguments. So instead of running outside I just step on the treadmill for thirty minutes now. Listening to Fest & Flauschig makes it sustainable.

I was lucky in getting two new cool flatmates, who are actually interested in social contacts. That makes up for the one who left.

undefinedHiking in Nuuksio, other people this time

undefinedAt some arts thing outdoors in the winter (!) of Helsinki I saw what I imagine as the longest selfie-stick in Finland

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