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Moving out

26 August, 2016 | Prologue


The day has come. I'm moving out of my room, back to Osnabr├╝ck. I already said goodbye to all the people I love in Karlsruhe, and I really hope to see all of you again next year! I had a fulfilling time with you.

Looking forward, there lays some kind of adventure ahead. He whispers. "It's a step into the unknown. A foreign country I've never been before. A culture I never met before. An education system so different to ours." His voice rises. "There will be battles to be fought. There will be destinations to be found." He looks straight into your eyes. "Afterwards, the reward will be astonishing." Break. "But it all comes at a great cost." He comes closely to your ear, and whispers: "Regelstudienzeit." The most German word one can imagine.

He picks up a box and walks out of the room. You take some bag and follow him. It's really hot outside, the sweat runs down your face. You can taste the salty water on your lips. Stepping outside in the sun, you are hit by a wall of heat. Again. He walks over to the other side of the street. You follow him quickly, since there's shadow. The heat makes the way to the car feel much longer than it is. He says: "I'd wish for a swimming pool right now to jump in and get cool!" Finally you arrive at the car. Those two hundred meters were the worst you ever walked. You put the stuff into the car and walk back up to his room again. The heat is much more bearable without having to carry the heavy things. Still, your T-Shirt feels wet as if you really jumped into that pool. Arriving in his shared flat, the first thing you do is drinking some water. You really need it.

Later, when the car is all packed up, you feel exhausted, but very satisfied. You look into the empty room, the proof of all the work you did today. He looks tired, and with a low voice, he says: "Ilmatar, the goddess of the air, will carry me to Helsinki. She will protect me from Louhi, the evil witch queen." He takes a short brake. "You will stay here in Karlsruhe. I'll be back in a year. Enjoy yourself."

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