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Packing up

01 September, 2016 | Prologue

undefinedMy room while packing the bags. The packing list is enlarged to stress the sheer complexity of this task. The resolution is too low for it to be readable. This is intentional.

The last three days Cedric gave me a nice time in Potsdam. Tomorrow the adventure finally starts!

You wake up in the morning, at 9am. A pleasant time to get up. You feel happy. There lays an easy day ahead. You just have to pack all the bags. Sounds doable for a whole day. "Thankfully, past me already prepared a packing list. He's such a good guy!" he says, proudly showing you a piece of paper. "Our task is to get all the stuff on the list and lay it on that bed."

You nimbly run up and down the stairs as you collect all the things you need for the next year. You rush through the house as you collect razor blades, chalk, running shoes, toothpaste and much more. You feel a gust of wind everytime you pass each other. Your stuff is scattered all over the house since you moved in just five days ago. Your heart rate goes up due to all the motion and you feel pretty awake getting that much work done. "Finished!" he says, looking a little strained at your face. "Now, it's squeezing time!" He takes the pillow and the blanket and starts pushing it into the backpack. You join in. The matter must start glowing soon of all the pressure you apply to it. You push even more. Finally he is able to move the zipper and close the lower pocket of the backpack. "Fits perfectly!" he proudly says in a small rush of triumph. "Up to the next piece."

Now, since everything is prepared, you just need to wait for the day to pass. You feel a little tense. He smiles at you and speaks with a benevolent soft voice: "Tomorrow, we will venture into the unknown."

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