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02 September, 2016 | Arrival

undefinedAt the Huopalahti train station

Today I finally arrived in Helsinki. It was a pretty unspectacular flight, except that the pilot flying from Stockholm to Helsinki was pulling the joystick like freak. Free roller coaster ride, yay!

When I arrived I was welcomed by a nice tutor who picked up my keys and imparted me to another tutor together with some pleasant indian people. On the way to Otaniemi we chatted a little bit, but the trip was dominated by my first impression of Helsinki. Everything looks a little bit better up here, there is always more green than there would be in a German city and there is much more space between the buildings. The city feels much lighter than the cramped German cities.

undefinedPanorama of my room

After a one-hour ride we arrived at the students home and I temporarily said goodbye to the indian people. I unpacked all my stuff and now I'm dead tired from waking up at four in the morning.

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